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Mandarin Oriental Luxury Hotel Group 

owns and operates some of the most luxurious 5 star hotels in the world with properties in Paris, Hong-Kong, New York, London, Prague, etc. Their Bars, Restaurants and Spas are also among the most sought after venues in their respective cities.

Project: to develop new and bold concepts to accompany the €20 million renovation and relaunch of its renowned property on the banks of the River Rhone.

“Luxury hotels and department stores share a common objective: to provide their guests with the most memorable and upscale customer experiences,” she notes. “Together, they contribute to raising the sophistication and scope of the ​customer experience. So much needs to be done in this area... One of my dream projects would be to design an entirely new ​concept for a luxury department store offering exclusive hotel facilities to its best clients. There are many synergies there that ​​can be tapped to provide the discerning customer with the best possible service.” 


Over a period of two years, my team and I created a pop-up restaurant and bar lounge for the hotel. We exceeded MANDARIN ORIENTAL's brief by adding a unique customer experience, curating an exhibition of two internationally renowned fine-art photographers, Jean-François Rauzier and Jeff Manzetti. The exhibition was a huge hit with media, clients and visitors, who flocked to the restaurant and bar lounge to discover and purchase their work.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

In the pop-up bar lounge,

plasma screens displayed both photographer's artwork in motion


Inauguaration Event

We then transformed its Geneva inauguration event into a unique guest experience never seen before in a luxury hotel.  

​The inauguration party featured the launches of two new restaurants, Paul Bocuse’s LE SUD and Indian chef Vineet's RASOI.

​We conceived each restaurant’s installation design and guest experiences in harmony with its cuisine.

​Images of India and Provence by photographers' Bharath Ramamruthan / Monika Ghurde and Vincent Formica, adorned the facade of the hotel​ to welcome guests to the themed event. Plasma screens displayed both photographer's artwork in motion.


Paul Bocuse's LE SUD

As one of the themed customer experiences for the MO inaugural event, we conceived an indoor pétanque field and organized a tournament for guests (in keeping with Bocuses's Provence restaurant theme). Participants won a week-end stay in the hotel's lavish suites with champagne for their guests and incentives to dine at the hotel's restaurants (a strategic way to promote the hotel's luxury suites which is often a challenge for the luxury hotel industry).


Vineet's RASOI

Hostesses perched on illuminated pots, toss rose petals, a drummer plays Indian based rhythms while guests enter the inauguration. Tables are filled with Indian spices for smelling and tasting as Indian culinary experts tell engaging stories about their origins.

_DSC5977 copie.jpg
_DSC5945 copie copy.jpg

DJ Jesse Marco

Younger repositioning: MO bar needed a younger crowd. We flew in Star DJ Jesse Marco from New York and set the place «on fire».


Inauguration Video


Brand Reinforcement

Performers entertained all 700 guests throughout the night, juggling with a fan, the icon of the Mandarin Oriental.

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