Mario Pezzini

Mario Pezzini is a brilliant mind and his passion and enthusiasm in what he has been doing all his life to make the world a better place is evident through the dense volume of work he has accomplished as Director of the OECD Development Centre.


I was honored to be chosen by Mario to create the branding for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the OECD Development Centre. When I was researching images for the project he said humbly (with his marvelous Italian accent), “You can look on my Flickr account and if you find any photos you like and think are appropriate you can use them.” Since he travels all over the world he has a very extensive image bank. I was impressed by his talent as a photographer and in the end all the photos we used for the project were Mario’s. 

The concept we created for the cover was an interpretation of what a present day hieroglyph would look like to express what would take place at the event.

To create harmony throughout the brochure we chose a duotone effect for all his photographs.

The "hieroglyph" illustration was used for a number of the Centre's brochures and for welcome gifts