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...says acclaimed and best selling author Michael Chabon on the Netflix documentary “The Creative Brain." The documentary is based on the book

“The Runaway Species” by Dr. David Eagleman, Neuroscientist who narrates

this extraordinary documentary.  


A passage by Michael Chabon from the documentary: The Creative Brain (on Netflix):

“Being original is not about generating something out of nothing. Originality is bunk. There never has been true originality. It is in the play with convention that originality arises. It is not in the rejection of convention. I am going to allow my knowledge of my predecessors and their work to inform and help shape what I am doing not because I am trying to copy them but because I know my unique  experience on life is going to inevitably intervene to help me produce a work like its interceding in some way.”


Text from the documentary: “For Michael and for all of us what we create is unique because our life experiences are unique. Creativity is about getting out into the world using what’s around us to generate new concepts, new designs, new perspectives. A big part of creativity is to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary. So you take a lot of elements that are known to many by putting them together in a yet unseen combination, you actually create something extraordinary.”




In my observation in the field of graphic design I discovered the following:

When redesigning Harper's Bazaar, art director Fabien Baron, created a new perspective on an existing classic typeface. Through his own unique vision, the Cottonwood typeface was executed in an extraordinary way .

Cottonwood is stylistically modelled on the typefaces used in advertisements and signage toward the end of the 19th century. It is a kind of homage to the Western typefaces which became popular through their use on Wanted signs in Western films.


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