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A partnership with chemistry

Water. Pigment. Paper.

When painting with watercolors we find that there is a partnership between creativity and chemistry. We discover how water, pigment and paper react when different levels are applied. Through these chemical reactions I create abstract paintings that often resemble imaginary landscapes and fragments of nature.

These watercolours can be used as brand visuals, backdrops, presentations, invitations, packaging and more… 

I was recently commissioned to do a series of abstract watercolours for a Private Equity Fund (visuals below). They requested brand visuals for their Sustainability Sector. Watercolours are an excellent way to express the sustainability concept (pure pigment and water making it environmentally friendly)!

aquarelle 44.jpg
aquarelle 45 clouds.jpg
MCP aquarelle_Page_1.jpg
Rapport Sustainability MREF 2021_FR - couv.jpg
Rapport Sustainability Public 2021_EN (2)_Page_01.jpg
2023 05 30 VF validée par HF - Rapport Sustainability MPEF 2022 copy.jpg
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