1 millimeter matters

When we are curious there is discovery and with discovery there comes inspiration. This eye opening event "The Future of Making by Autodesk" did just that. The event was held on December 3rd at Station F in Paris, the world's biggest  Start-Up campus created by Xavier Niel.

Marie Olivares, Business Development Manager at AUTODESK

“AUTODESK makes software for people who make things. Across the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, media, and entertainment industries, AUTODESK gives you the power to make anything.” quote from their site: autodesk.com

One of the keynote speakers was Frédéric Gasson, the co-founder of RealNum a 3D VR company. RealNum uses the technology and software from AutoDesk to provide 3D modeling and 3D visualization for cars, boats and more. 

Frédéric demonstrated how moving a curve 1 millimeter on a design of a car part makes a difference in many aspects including production costs and performance. 

Frédéric also demonstrated how AUTODESK'S software proposes hundreds and sometimes thousands of alternate design possibilities on the design of ONE single part of a product. This is where AI (artificial intelligence) comes into play. The complexity of Autodesk software is mind-boggling.

During a conversation with Frederic at the event, I discovered that his dream since childhood was to design cars. Frédéric’s dream has become a “virtual” reality. 

As a graphic designer I can entirely relate to the fact that 1 millimeter matters. After all, great graphic design is the result of balanced  relationships of shapes, typography and images within a given area. It is actually quite mathematical and it all comes down to the millimeter. Even though math has never been one of my strong suits (people who know me well will say that is an understatement), visually I am able to determine when a design is balanced. Although moving 1 millimeter in a design graphic may not offset the production costs to the extent of manufacturing a car, it can indeed offset the balance in the brain that innately looks for it. 

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